“Breaking the Silence” (BTS)—A Mental Health Curriculum for Elementary, Middle and High School

A number of our chapter members are teachers and school counselors. They have frequently expressed interest in our NAMI chapter promoting mental health awareness among educators as well as students.   The “Breaking the Silence: Teaching the Next Generation About Mental Illness” (BTS) is an educational package designed to teach students on three grade levels, upper elementary, middle school, and high school about serious mental illness. It reinforces anti-bullying principles and acceptance of children with mental health disabilities.   Each curriculum package includes learning activities with cross-curricular ties, worksheets, annotated bibliographies, web sites, and resource organizations that students can use to delve into the topic in greater depth. Colorful posters, games and stories are also included which humanize serious mental illness and teach that these illnesses are no-fault brain disorders. The curriculum is continually updated. We would like to make this curriculum available to area educators and counselors interested in teaching kids about mental health.     For more information call 520-459-3228 or email namiseazinfo@gmail.com